Master's Degree in Information Technology for Professionals

Professional Graduate Program in Information Technology

The driving force behind the tremendous demand for training programs in Information Technology (IT) are the rapid changes in the IT sector, the growing shortfall of skilled laborers and the need for professionals to keep abreast of developments in the field. In an effort to respond to this demand, the Professional Master's Degree Program in IT aims to provide its participants with an international professional profile to meet the rapidly-evolving industry needs. The mission of this graduate program is to prepare individuals by providing the theoretical foundations of the discipline and the practical knowledge and problem solving skills to meet industry expectations.

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Convenient training schedule

IT Graduate Program is designed and implemented for working professionals to offer a course schedule that is not in conflict with their working hours. Weekday classes (Tuesdays and Thursdays) are conducted during evening hours at Karakoy Minerva Han which is within easy reach from all around Istanbul via underground by tramway, by boat or by other means of public transportation. For weekend classes on Saturdays, we meet on campus in Tuzla to which transportation is provided by University shuttles departing from convenient locations in Kadikoy and 4.Levent.

A unique professional network

You will have the opportunity to form your own professional network with our part-time and full-time instructors along with other industry professionals who took part in the program, your fellow classmates in your cohort and the alumni of the IT program at Sabanci University. This is a unique professional network that will allow you to interact with a broader community.

Experienced trainers

Most of the instructors in our graduate program are seasoned professionals with considerable experience in training and teaching in different areas of Information Technologies. In addition to their academic credentials, our trainers are engineers and project managers who are capable of bringing their work experiences to the courses they teach.



  • "Introduction to Machine Learning" and "Applied Programming in Python" courses are added to our curriculum
  • Testimonials from 32 graduates of the IT program.

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