Ali Kızıl 
B.S. and A.S.; namely Before and After Sabancı University. You may think that this is somewhat too assertive but Information Technologies (IT) Master Program on which I spent one year has turned out to be a turning point in my life.
Generally, I find these kind of testimonials misleading and not so sincere. Just to inform you of the opportunities, however, I wanted to share my story for the first time by writing one. Before I enrolled at Sabancı University's IT Master Program, I, along with my friends, set up a start-up company conducting business on open source software. We made Linux-based server setups with our 3 employees. At the same time, I was individually training people in MATLAB. I applied to the Master's program in an effort to manage the work load of employees properly, to understand our potential to do business, and to be able to choose the best technical infrastructure for use in our projects for improving our business. The other reason was that I was having many questions from my MATLAB trainees about the integration of MATLAB with Java and .NET platforms, and I needed an answer. I started the program with my Visual Basic and Network Architecture background I got from my past experiences.
In 1 year I received a comprehensive training in Java, .NET, Database Programming, IT Project Management, Linux, Web Programming, Network Communication and Network Security. When I compared this with other programs, thanks to the facilities of Sabancı University and the vision of the program coordinator, we are equipped not only with a theoretical background but also considerable hands-on experience. My final project was to come up with a framework for the integration of MATLAB with Java and .NET platforms. After the project presentation, I was quite certain that it was worth the sleepless nights and all the hard work
After Sabancı University, in addition to our Linux setup business, we developed 6 more projects. Some of them have been widely recognized in the sector. To name one, we distributed ARMADOR OS Linux which mimics the Windows OS along with some IT magazines. We had some collaboration with some of the manufacturers for the packaging of this product and its versions working on a Terminal Server / Thin Client. Our software has been adopted by the Turkish Army. Meanwhile, my final project has been used as an engine for the EMIR (Intelligent Energy Management and Reporting) project developed by the Technical University of Athens and the Ministry of Energy. In Turkey, State Planning Organization (DPT) uses the same project as a remote technical calculation framework. As a result of this work, I gave lectures on MATLAB and Java/.NET integration to the employees of several prestigious banks. Now I am working for the Next & NextStar as an IT coordinator and writing Linux articles for the CHIP Magazine
Honestly speaking, I never thought that what I got in such a short time would make such a profound effect on me. This is my story. Why don't you make yours? 

Hasan Sütcüoğlu 
If I am asked to create a sentence with the above words I can accurately and truthfully say, "Sabancı University Information Technologies Graduate Program". Developments in technology have made such huge leaps forward that individual adaptation to all of these new technologies, applications, and services is insufficient without a Sabanci University education.
Trainers from the IT sector and Sabanci University's technological infrastructure thoroughly broaden your vision with their experiential learning approach. Naturally, all these technologies can not to be entirely mastered in just three semesters, but the Program does help us to learn how to appropriately use information technologies. I believe that this is the best program for those who desire a career change after graduation with a bachelor's degree. I strongly recommend this Program to everyone and anyone interested in software and network technologies.

Burcu Otluoğlu
Although I had advance information regarding the kinds of courses in the Program before my 2004 acceptance to SU, after experiencing the content of the Program, I understood that I have made the best decision for my professional development. I finished the Program, which I had started with great expectation, by gaining even more than what I had expected.
I began work as a consultant for the Turkcell Software Development Department even before graduation. In spite of lacking experience in the IT sector, I could easily adapt to the demands of my position because of my coursework and training.
I see that the Program provided me with knowledge regarding various areas in IT and opened up new frontiers for those people who possess varying educational backgrounds (as I do); I also realized that studying at Sabancı University was one of the most appropriate decisions I have ever made.


Reyyan B. Okyay 
I entered Sabancı's IT Graduate Program in search of an education that would give me an advantage in the business world, and in search of a prestigious degree that I hoped would give me faster access to that world. Being from a non-technical background I wanted to be in an environment where rigorous academics combined with a constructive, enjoyable environment. I received both - and much more. Professors became role models, for both their theoretical brilliance, and their astonishing pragmatism. Fellow students opened my eyes to innovative approaches and solutions to complex problems. Earning an M.Sc. degree in IT at Sabancı means taking smart academic risks, solving problems in new ways, and taking courses that will help you meet your goals. Sabancı's IT Program is without a doubt the leader in this area. 

Mehmet Çarpa
I saw the announcement for Sabancı University's IT Graduate program on the newspaper. It looked interesting to me because the subject matter of the announcement was closely related to what I had been doing recently. Then I was just back from Germany after two years of working on a 3GSM project. That was for the development of mobile internet where the classical Mobile Telecom merges heavily with Information Technologies. Therefore I started reading the announcement in detail and decided to attend the workshop. After the workshop I was confident that the program was targetting the advanced and most up-to-date frontend of technology, information technologies. This is such an important area that I decided to go back to University 16 years after I graduated with an engineering degree in electronics. Although it was not easy, now I am glad that I have done it. Finally, I am currently enjoying its benefits as a business development manager in the highly competitive telecom arena.

Adil Okan 
We were the first year graduates of the IT program in Sabanci University. The aim of the program was to give the attendants the tools necessary to deal with real life issues in the IT sector. The topics covered in the program included both software programming and hardware technologies. I improved my programming background by learning recent languages(Java; Visual C++) and object-oriented techniques which are quite popular lately. During one year of education I didn't become an expert programmer but with what is given I can easily read codes and take part in IT projects. Moreover, I worked on subjects like networking (local and wide area), mobile phone programming which were quite hot topics in the market then. Especially, it was my benefit to learn the hardware issues related with networks. After graduation, my career changed as I entered IT sector and currently working as a system analyst in the banking sector.