Why They Chose Us?

Alper Batıoğlu,
2003 graduate
Software Developer, İş Net
Serkan Teoman,
2004 graduate
Software Developer, Migros
Viki Handeli,
2004 graduate
Software Developer, Akademi Yazılım

How did you end up choosing this program?

AB. I always had a keen interest on computers. I would sit in front of a computer and keep coding for hours. However, I ended up studying in a major far from what I longed for all along. Although I loved what I studied at college which was Chemical Engineering, I never envisioned myself practising it as a career. The most important factor for me to take part in this program was the passion I felt for IT.

ST.My objective for participating this program was to carry my interest in the area of Information Technologies, which was not more than a hobby at the time, to a professional level. I thought this program can provide me with the skills required for the industry and decided to apply for a degree.

VH. Having seen the facilities and the technical and academic resources offered by Sabanci University, I figured this would be the perfect place for starting out everything that I've been planning careerwise. The laboratory facilities and the laptop computers provided for every student are supporting the practical aspects of the training. Information Center is providing everything that you ever need from books to electronic documents needed to support your education.

What did you study at college?

AB. I studied Chemical Engineering at Istanbul University.

ST. I am a graduate of Business Administration at Istanbul Bilgi Üniversity.

VH. I studied Mathematics at Marmara Üniversity.

How did your life change after school?

AB. I should say that this program changed quite a few things in my life. First of all, I am doing what I love doing best. If you think about it, you spend almost half of your life doing what you do at work. If you are doing what you love doing, this is not like working at all. Well, that's at least how I feel about it. As for how this education contributed to my career, I am really thinking that I am a good software developer due to the educational foundation I acquired at Sabanci University.

ST. I must say that this program excelled all my expectations. It expanded my limited perspective in all directions. This program is not designed for vertical experience on a specific area, but it is a very good guide for someone who will carve his/her own path. The program achieves that by providing a wide spectrum of subjects covering almost all aspects of IT. I can tell you that this program has created a profound effect on my career life. What I used to do as a hobby back then is now what I do for living. I am working as software developer at Migros now.

VH. I used to tutor in Math for living before I came here. I had no corporate experience at all. Along with the academic background I acquired during my studies at the Graduate Program in IT at Sabanci University, I also gained significant practical experience. Almost all of our trainers had lots of industrial experience which proved very useful in transferring this expertise to us. This was also very fruitful in terms of expanding our personal network with people from within the sector. Although the competitioın among the fellow students was really high, this didn't stop us from establishing a long standing friendship. At the beginning of the program, almost half of the class didn't have a job. By the time the program hasn't come to an end, all of us had a job.

How did you find out about this program?

AB. I stumbled upon this program while I was searching for a graduate program in my senior year. Well, actually it was a bit of a luck for me. A friend of mine came upon this while he was searching foer something else at Sabanci University and he informed me of it knowing what I am after. Then I zeroed in on the program and I made my decision as soon as I examined the curriculum. I had to make my way into it.

ST. I found out about it through my research on the İnternet. I collected all the information about graduate programs I can both in Turkey and abroad. Then I decided to stay in Turkey and this program was my choice.

VH. I found out about it by the reference of a friend who was studying at Sabanci University.

Were you working while pursuing your degree here?

AB. No. I wanted to concentrate on my courses and get the most out of the program. I believe, I also wanted to extend my life as a student. I applied to this program immediately after I graduated from college and I didn't want to work as a Chemical Engineer.

ST. I was still working with my current employer at the time I was registered for the program. I chose to keep my current job while I was studying. There were many other fellow classmates who studied and worked at the same time.

VH. I wasn't working while I was continuing my education. As I didn't have any previous beckground, I needed time to complete my homework assignments, term projects and to study for the exams. In fact this was a choice I made. I just wanted to use all the time I have for the program. On the other hand, there were many other classmates who did both quite successfully.

Do you think this program is suitable for those who have a daytime job?

AB. Yes. There were many classmates in our class who did that. But I must confess that it should be some tempo to keep up with. I believe it all has to do with the conditions you're in and your will to achieve.

ST. I think this is quite a suitable program for those who are working. I kept my current job and went to school, and it was ok. I even liked being a student 5 years after my graduation from college.

VH. Of course. All of my classmates who graduated with honor were also working.

What made you think of a career plan in IT?

AB. I guess the answer to that wquestion for me lies in my curiosity and my passion fır IT. On the other hand, if you think about the technological advancements in recent years, IT holds a bright future for many of us. This is the case in every aspect of our lives. From GSM to banking and to pharmaceutical industry, IT is everywhere and it's still expanding. I have a friend of mine, also a Chemical Engineer, who graduated from this program. She works in the pharmaceutical industry. And the reason why she was employed there was her familiarity in both IT and chemical engineering. I think it makes sense. Those who will obtain a degree from this program can integrate this expertise with their undergraduate major and really stand out.

ST. As I tried to explain before, this was more like a hobby for me. I mean software, particularly. As I believe that it is very important that I should be doing what I love doing, I changed my career. And I am very happy that I did so.

VH. In comparison to an academic career, I thought it would be better for me to be in the industry and work there. I believe that IT is a dynamic area that is founded on Mathematics in a way, that requires analytical thinking and problem solving skills, and that forces you to constantly learn new technologies. I think IT will rule the future.